IT Support Services

We deliver IT Support services that adds real value to client Business

At Quadracle Solutions we take great pride in the IT Support solutions we deliver for our esteemed clients.  In today’s’ socially connected world, IT is expected to deliver reliable, salable and secure services while also enabling rapid innovative business transformation. We provide the right kind of IT support you will need to compete and conquer.  We have over 8 years of industry experience as a reliable and trusted IT support providers. 

Our Complete IT Management Services include:

  • 24|7|365 Systems Monitoring
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Priority Response
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
  • License Compliance
  • Quarterly Executive and Business Review
  • Security Management
  • Backup Management
  • Hosted Backup / Replication / Disaster Recovery Services
  • PC Monitoring
  • PC Maintenance
  • Unlimited PC Support
  • Unlimited Server Support
  • Fixed IT Expenditure
  • Incident Management and Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Service and Support Requests

We Partner with our client to create customized solutions that align to their unique business requirements. We apply collaborative and consultative approach that deliver real results.

IPTV Solutions

We Are Nigeria’s Premier turnkey IPTV solutions provider

No doubt IPTV / OTT TV now has reach a truly global footprint and the media industry are the first beneficial of the leap. But it’s also increasing difficult for media, telecom, content owners, network operators, resellers, broadcaster, equipment manufacturers and even the consumers to build access and operate a successful OTT solution in Nigeria and it’s sub-Sahara surroundings. 

We provide end-end IPTV solutions that enable content owners, broadcasters, content resellers, carriers and ISPs to deliver IPTV services (including Video On-Demand) across any type of access infrastructure including Fiber, DSL, cable, WiMAX and other emerging technologies.

With our flagship solution a complete turn end – end IPTV platform we launched and powered Nigeria’s first IPTV licensed carrier WAWOO TV operated by ACC Broadcast Multimedia Limited.

Our solution outlay includes:

  • Digital Head-end Implementation
  • Media server hardware and software
  • Middleware
  • Billing & CMS
  • Set-Top-Boxes
  • MPEG Encoders and Transport Multiplexers
  • Integrated Receivers/Decoders
  • Network Interface Adapters
  • Network Management
  • Video Back-haul point to point & point to multi-point
  • Channel A Box & Cloud Playout
  • We Partner with our client to create customized solutions that align to their unique business requirements. We apply collaborative and consultative approach that deliver real results.

Technology Billing Solution

We are Nigeria’s leading Cloud Based Open Billing Solution Experts

We partner with one of the world’s best emerging cloud based open billing platform to deliver end to end billing solution for every technology driven sector. Our billing solution can fulfill all the complexities involved launching, adapting and integrating a billing solution into a new or existing platforms.

Our open billing solution is simple, reliable, fast, secure, scalable open source cloud based billing for every the discerning business small or large.

Our Billing Solution covers the following domain:

IPTV,OTT,VOD,Cable TV, DTH,DTT, FTTX, WiMAX, Wi-Fi ,ADSL ,TV Internet, Financial Institution
and more.

It is a modular architecture that has below key features:

  • CRM
  • Billing and Revenue Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Service Provisioning
  • Service Orchestration
  • Customer Portal
  • Contract Management
  • Rating & Charging
  • Usage Dashboards
  • Dynamic Service & Product Catalogue
  • Converged Billing
  • Subscriber self-care
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Dealer Management
  • Recommendation engine
  • Product Offering – Segmentation Wise
  • Cloud Connector Layer
  • The feature is in-exhaustive as feature can be added based on client requirement and request. The core of the solution is built on open framework and has been successfully been pre integrated with leading video platform and can easily integrate with third party platforms, hardware and software.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We Nigeria’s Leading Mid-Market Business Cloud Specialist

Qaudracle Solutions can drastically help you accelerate your growth become free to constant change in innovation and help you focus on running your business. We can even help you become more agile and deliver fast and seamlessly business experiences to your esteemed customers.

Quadracle Solutions offer wide range of cloud solutions that will and automation and performance to your business from public to private cloud solutions.

On Demand Cloud Servers

We offer Cloud Servers that can be configured and provided on-demand and they come preconfigure with a true pay-as-you-grow model with no upfront costs. Consume on demand at optimum performance, so you can accelerate time to market while innovating at a lower cost of ownership.

Virtual Private Cloud

We have partner with some the best data centers around the world to provide our customers with Virtual Private Cloud solutions. They are private cloud existing within Data Centers and are all corporate class standards for companies that need to leverage on the agility of private cloud that can be integrated within your own Firewall internal firewall.

Quadracle Cloud in a Box

Our Cloud in a Box solution is a virtual cloud appliance which allows you to incrementally deploy pre-converged and tested private cloud infrastructure. Leverage this appliance and utilize as a stable foundation to accelerate your own cloud deployment at a lower cost of ownership.

Enterprise E-mail and Collaboration as a Service

Quadracle Solutions provides a truly secure enterprise grade Email & Collaboration as a Service at a fraction of the cost compared to other leading email providers. Work within your office desk or on-the-go with complete collaboration and synchronization that supports smart phones and tablet PC for complete mobility.

System Networking

Networking Solutions for Small and Medium Business

We are plan, design, integrate, install and support all kinds of Local and Wide Area Computer Networks. If you want a system networking provider that’s as smart, agile and high performing as your own business, then you’re in the right place. We can help optimize your existing networking infrastructure and connectivity in a way that matches your budget and makes the most business sense for you.

All our networking solutions are built using established and proven technology components, products and techniques and are highly integrated, scalable, seamless and secure.

In Networking, we offer the entire array of WAN/LAN/MAN/WLAN Solutions & Products incorporating the latest technologies from global pioneers.

Software Development

Software Design, Development & Integration Solutions

Quadracle Solutions can assist your organization with evaluation assessments, planning, development and delivery of your customized software needs in any scale or complexity.

Software Service Categories include:

• Solutions Architecture Design
• Product Development & Deployment
• Application Lifecycle & Road map Documentation
• Applications Integration
• Legacy Application Migrations

Our solutions are tailored to deliver exactly the reliability and performance you need to get the most out of your company's technology investment